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This is how healing impressions are done and the person feels better instantly! 

This healing was performed for "Sciatica pain" 

"I started the session with normal and control breathing after some time with deep Breathing but after that I feel sleepy.
At last night I was in sessions healing my sciatic nerve. Started healing with lumbar & sacral plexus in the lower back with sliver breathing .then started healing with silver lumbar & sacral segment  .I saw there is inflammation . I healed the segment with copper then poured copper solutions in both segment then covered with copper wire to reduce the inflammation & to increase blood circulation then cover all 5 nerve(L4 L5 & S1 S2 S3) of sciatic nerve which emerg from sacral foraman with silver up to priformis muscles then comes to gluteal region then femoral region of the leg upto foot toes as if everything of nerve is bathed in silver colour then saw on both sides, Lt was normal no inflammation ..circulation was good but on rt side there is inflammation on gluteal region ,thigh region, then inferior end of femur region where sciatic nerve divided into two branches  tibial nerve & peroneal nerve which supplies different part of lower legs. I healed it very dedicated manner inflammation with copper but still there is inflammation &  I was in so much pain, cramps started from rt lower leg. spl at calf muscles ,can't relive.i started crying .then I saw one lady comes to me she puts hots silver plates on my bum. I thought I wil die coz of unbearable pain  but as soon as she puts plates on my bum ,plates dissolved & silver liquid flows from priformis muscles-gluteal region-thigh region-inferior end of femur then it covers tibial & peroneal nerve.  This liquid enter into each neurons & connective tissue of nerve. I feel relaxed after that. I healed the session with copper colour then painted with indigo. I saw again that lady show mirror to me whn I go near she disappear .I saw in mirror power symbol on my forehead"

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