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corenergetics - Kundalini Reiki

Energy drives the physical body. 

Similar to our normal anatomy that consists of systems, organs, tissues, cells etc, God created us with energetic anatomy that consists of energy travelling across the chakras, the meridians, the energy grid as well as auras. 

Reiki attunement opens up these channels and at we are able to use Reiki (life force energy or prana) at will to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. 

Kundalini Reiki is the next step in advanced healing where we use our own potential energy (Kundalini) via its activation. Kundalini and Reiki together creates a complete resonance with deeper and longer healing. 

In Kundalini Reiki course, we teach the basics of chakras activation along with deeper healing. This also enables one to prepare for the next step THE CORE HEALING which is ultimate healing tool based on age old concepts of spiritual healing. 

All this is available as personal coaching in select places across India. 

Maharashtra - Pune, Thane, Mumbai, Solapur . 
Karnataka - Bangalore, Belgaum. 

Contact us for more details and for early bird registration. 


Few lines from course manual by OLE GABRIELSON 

Kundalini Reiki
Possibly the simplest healing and self-development system that exists!
By opening/strengthening the energy channels of the body, it is possible to channel healing Reiki energy to yourself and others, just by intention. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki means “Universal life energy”. You can have access to Reiki via “attunement”. During attunement, different energy centres (Chakras) and energy channels are opened/strengthened. This way you can have access to this energy and channel it through your hands. You can then “switch
on” the energy, just by intention. Reiki can also be used on animals, plants, water etc. Furthermore, it is possible to accelerate your personal development process drastically by opening the Kundalini. 
What is Kundalini?
Basically, Kundalini means that certain healing channels and chakras have been opened, and you have thereby gained access to the Earth's energy. The Root chakra, which is the energy centre
located near the coccyx, acts as an entrance for the Kundalini energy. The Kundalini energy is also referred to as “the Kundalini Fire”. Hereafter, the energy runs all the way up through the body,
through the “main energy channel”, and out of the Crown chakra. 
This energy channel goes from the Root chakra to the Crown chakra on the top of the head. An open Kundalini means that over a period of time, a complete cleansing of the chakras, the body
parts and the energy channels is obtained. 
A person who has, or has had problems with wrong Kundalini awakening, or other problems with the Kundalini energy, can most often be helped with Kundalini Reiki. 
All who are interested in learning Kundalini Reiki must begin with Kundalini Reiki 1, even though you may have attunements from other systems. 
Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3 are taken as remote, long-distance courses. There is no difference in the quality of attunements whether done “hands-on” or as a remote, long-distance attunement.

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