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corenergetics - OneTouch Therapy

More than 5000 years ago Acupuncture originated in china and has been followed completely as well. From the beginning of 20th century, Acupuncture started to spread to countries like America, Japan, Srilanka, etc, and became commercialized. Acupuncture was welcomed all over the world against the Allopathy. By using the Acupuncture, Multinational companies started to sell their products. Using multi needles, Herbal medicines, electric stimulators etc, are some of the business tactics of the multinational companies.

At this stage, Dr.Fazlur Rahman,MBBS,MD,DV,PhD who is one of the “Doctor Brothers” introduced the Acupuncture with the pulse diagnosis to Tamilnadu. By treating more than one lakh patients, he made the Acupuncture revived in India. Thereafter Indian Acupuncture started to rise classically.

Only One point! One minute Treatment!!

with this motto. let us save people from illness and save world from medicines! We welcome you to join with Acupuncture to cope with nature…

Based on this philosophy OneTouch Therapy is taught in a two day basis course.

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