corenergetics - Sample of another healing

"Started healing session. Kept breathing fr  a while. Automatically strted breathing in some rhythm nt sure what bt it was amazing. Then was  floating like feather fr few minutes. Started breathing each colours fr a min . Initiated core , connected to the lady and then landed on her brain. Scanned it. Saw her having multiple thoughts and wandering mind, anxious amd worried fr nothing. Strted breathing heavily and did blasting with all the colours , energy and love . During indigo  i almost fainted , with coppergold and silver was exhausted and green n yellow made it comfrtable. While indigo and violet, my shoulders were pulled and whole body gt some jerks. The whole brain blasted and there was only fluid like lava with the 12 colours  , adjacently saw that ladys face and a crack on that ladys thirdeye as if a bullet is shot . Sttrd infusing Indigo thru that spot and i strted breathing heavily, saw her face changing frm pain to a normal state. The blasting still continued on tje other side and then saw the regenerated brain with clear structure. I was seeing the internal structure of brain like in a diagram. Was guided to heal her pituitory and once thats done i was breathing normally."
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