corenergetics - Why Core healing is advanced healing?

After three decades of research and meditation, my master observed that there's one major meeting point of all the energy systems. Indians saw chakras, Chinese saw meridians, Western energy specialists saw auras and the grid system and each one of them described them in details. After studying all of these literatures and meditating and personal research, my master confirmed on this one meeting point of all energies and he named it CORE as without this union our existence won't be complete. 

Sufism believed in QALB as the main and the only DIVINE part in a human through which sufis could connect with the SUPREME CREATOR and all practices of sufism are around this. Likewise navel or tandien is considered as the evil part through which karmic negativity enters and disturbs the peaceful existence and following navel desires people go astray from the divine path. 

Sufism kept these practices highly secret and only the deserving were given QALB activation and rest were kept away. 

My master, who had his own Sufi guru, with his permission allowed this activations to be transferred onto me and few other students of his to test upon the healing effects. After a decade of practice and success, he asked me to finalise the teachings with simplicity. 

Being a medical student, I correlated the normal physiology and the energetic physiology and brought the science of quantum resonance into effective practice. 

My students are the proof of these simple and highly effective healing techniques. 

COME join this revolution of CORENERGETICS which I founded in 2010 and learn and be practitioners and teachers. 

Welcoming one and all. 
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